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bio long dress

bio long dress

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【Description of item】

"Wear lactic acid."

Room wear that protects your skin and makes your daily life comfortable.
Long dress featuring a relaxed silhouette

<Discerning material>

Polylactic acid fiber “PlaX” is used on the surface, and jersey with connective tissue using Supima cotton, which is characterized by its high-quality feel, is used on the skin.
Sewing threads and washing labels are also made with natural materials.

<Wearing lactic acid and gentle on the skin>

The lactic acid contained in the material prevents the growth of various bacteria that cause skin irritation and odor.
Wearing it in a clean state always protects your skin.

<PlaX, a new material that is close to the earth and people>

In addition to features that contribute to sustainability such as biodegradability and carbon neutrality, we use PlaX, a new plant-derived material that has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties due to the action of lactic acid contained in the material.

【raw materials】
50% polylactic acid / 50% cotton

Length 124cm Shoulder width 61cm Width 62cm Hem width 80cm

【country of origin】

Model height: 165cm

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