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bio long sleeve shirt

bio long sleeve shirt

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【Description of item】

A long-sleeved shirt made with a new plant-derived material, PlaX, and cotton. It is elastic and features a gentle texture that sticks to the skin.

The lactic acid contained in the material prevents the growth of various bacteria that cause skin irritation and odor.
Wearing it in a clean state always protects your skin.

<PlaX, a new material that is close to the earth and people>

In addition to features that contribute to sustainability such as biodegradability and carbon neutrality, we use PlaX, a new plant-derived material that has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties due to the action of lactic acid contained in the material.

【raw materials】
70% cotton / 30% polylactic acid

Length 59cm Shoulder Width 34cm Width 35cm Hem Width 34cm Sleeve Length 54.5cm

【country of origin】

[Handling request]

・In order to protect the soft texture of the fabric, please use a net when washing by hand or using a washing machine.

・After washing, we recommend that you adjust the shape and dry in the shade without leaving it wet for a long time. In addition, some shrinkage may occur by washing.

・Dark colors may stain due to sweat, water or friction, so we recommend washing the product separately. Please avoid tumbler drying.

・Due to the characteristics of polylactic acid, please refrain from using a hot iron. Only when absolutely necessary, be sure to set the temperature at a low temperature/apply a cloth and apply lightly. Also, please refrain from ironing the printed and decorative parts.

・Polylactic acid material PlaX is a new material that is friendly to the environment and our skin. In order to reduce the impact on the natural environment and skin as much as possible, we recommend using naturally derived detergents.

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