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bio Utility Towel / Mini Bath Towel

bio Utility Towel / Mini Bath Towel

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【Description of item】

"Lactic acid and a towel that interacts"

Bio Towel is a new eco-friendly towel made by blending polylactic acid fiber "PlaX" with cotton.
The lactic acid contained in the material works to prevent the growth of bacteria that cause rough skin and unpleasant odors, keeping it clean.
A towel that protects your skin and makes your daily life more comfortable.

Utility towels with a compact length are versatile sizes that can be used from sports to after bathing.

<Always clean>

It has an antibacterial effect that prevents the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, which causes rough skin and odors, and Moraxella, which causes the smell of drying indoors, and maintains cleanliness.

<Comfortable daily life>

The Bio Towel quickly absorbs moisture from your skin and hair, and the effect of PlaX makes it easy to dry indoors, making your daily life more comfortable.

<Proof of high quality. Imabari Towel>

Bio Towel has realized the development of towels using PlaX in collaboration with a cooperative factory in Imabari, a famous towel production area. The Imabari mark displayed on the product is proof of its high quality.

<PlaX, a new material that is close to the earth and people>

In addition to features that contribute to sustainability such as biodegradability and carbon neutrality, we use PlaX, a new plant-derived material that has excellent antibacterial and deodorant properties due to the action of lactic acid contained in the material.


【raw materials】
80% cotton / 20% polylactic acid

【country of origin】
Japan (Imabari)

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