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bio × Hogara Polylactic Acid Absorbent Shorts Boxer

bio × Hogara Polylactic Acid Absorbent Shorts Boxer

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【Description of item】

A collaboration item with "Hogara", a brand that handles femtech and femcare products launched by female members of Teshima who are textile professionals.

By using the new plant-derived material PlaX, Hogara's water-absorbent shorts have the same antibacterial and deodorizing properties, but also have quick-drying properties.

Since the gusset part is not sewn, it is easy to use with your usual sanitary products, and is recommended for those who are using water-absorbing shorts for the first time.

[Mixing ratio]
Body: 81% cotton, 14% polylactic acid, 5% polyurethane
Gusset skin side: 100% polyester
Inside gusset: 60% polyester, 40% cotton
Waterproof cloth: 100% polyester, back side polyurethane laminate

Water absorption: 15-20mL

【country of origin】

<Washing method>
1. Wash by hand 3-4 times until the water is clean.
2. In order not to damage the fabric that is washed in the washing machine, put it in a laundry net and wash it with water in the washing machine.
3. Dry and dry thoroughly.

*There are some streak marks on the fabric, but this is a feature of the fabric and is not a defect. Please note.
*Please wash once before use to absorb enough water.
*Avoid using a dryer as it may damage the fabric.
*If it does not suit your skin, discontinue use.
* Do not wash dark and light colors together and dry them immediately.

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